Should You Write For Content Mills Like Demand Studios?

     These days, lots of laid-off journalists and wannabe journalists are turning to so-called "content mills," such as Demand Studios, to find writing assignments. 
     But is it worth it? It depends.
     Such content providers are good opportunities if you enjoy writing as a hobby, if you want to build a portfolio or if you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in a particular subject area. 
     But they're not good opportunities for serious, professional writers. The time you invest on assignments isn't worth it for the meager pay. And there's not much room to express your creativity because often you'll be writing about pedestrian topics and required to follow strict writing guidelines.  


Anonymous Marianne said...

Demand is a sweat shop. You make little money and they treat their writers like garbage. It's no wonder so many writers quit there. I wrote for them for about a year then stopped as I got sick of being treated like a two year old by an editor who wouldn't know a comma if it jumped up and bit her.

They have the world's worst editors, yet their writers are the ones who are always blamed.

Anyone who works for Demand is a fool, IMO. Far better companies out there. Besides, they'll go bankrupt eventually. They've not made one red cent in profit even though their owner keeps trying to convince everyone how "successful" they are.

June 26, 2011 at 2:09 AM  

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