Modernizing Your Journalism Job Application

Increasingly, media companies are asking for applications to be sent electronically: either via e-mail or by completing an online form.
If you're reading this, surely you know how to e-mail a cover letter and attach your resume as a file to it. But how are you supposed to send your clips?
Scan and save your publication clips as PDFs that can be attached as e-mail files or uploaded to a website (like this). Upload broadcast clips to YouTube or (if over 10 minutes) Vimeo and e-mail the links (like this). While a newspaper or station may have posted your materials on its website, those links often expire, require passwords or cost money to access. So, make your own electronic copies of your work samples.
Better yet, create your own website and upload your portfolio to that (like this). You can even convert your resume into a webpage (like this). This way you won't inadvertently disqualify yourself from consideration for a job because an editor's using software that can't open your document file. Believe me, it happens. Moreover, you'll impress prospective bosses with your new media skills and separate yourself from other applicants.


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